The DOE released new test scores, when will you update my state?

Test scores are updated annually, to coincide with the release of that information from the state's department of education. The update is relative to the release of similar data from the other 49 states and D.C. Some states stagger information, so we wait until all data is available in a bulk format, which may be later than when students receive individual test scores.

It’s important to note that the Department of Education releases data on or around the Fall or Winter of each year. When new data is first released to the general public, it’s not in a format that is usable to us. It can take months to receive that same data in a bulk format that we can use.

Once we have acquired the data, it is added to our loading and QA calendar based on priority and resource capacity. The timeline between acquisition and data displaying on school profiles varies depending on the data and state. Due to the challenge of acquiring and loading data on a national scale, we are often not able to provide an exact date for when new data will be on display, but will do our best to respond to any data quality issues or questions as they arise.