GreatSchools has the wrong school assigned to my address and it's showing on a real estate site!

While we do provide school data to other sites, some directly and some via a third party, this data is limited to school performance and directory data. School assignments and district boundary data is not something we provide. 

This data is licensed to us through Pitney Bowes and we cannot make manual changes to it. We do update this data feed on a quarterly basis. If you notice a school assignment inaccuracy on GreatSchools, you can contact Pitney Bowes to make sure they have the correct information. The next time we update our Pitney Bowes data the change should be reflected on GreatSchools. You can contact Pitney Bowes regarding school district boundaries using this form on their website:

When contacting Pitney Bowes, please make sure to include the following information (this will save time and cut down on back and forth):

1.   The residential address, if it’s a district or school boundary inquiry.

2.   The name of the correct district or school(s) whose boundary you believe your address lies in.

If you are seeing an inaccuracy on another site, such as Zillow or, you will need to contact that site directly to get it resolved. 

You can read more about the school and district boundary map on here.