Where is my verification email?

Upon creating a GreatSchools account, writing a review or claiming an official school profile, you will be sent a verification email. By clicking the link in a verification email, we get to verify that you have access to your email, and that you're not a bot.

Verification emails are automatically sent and should arrive almost immediately in your inbox, but we know sometimes they get lost. This article should hopefully ensure you find your verification email quickly, and continue to get them.

Here are a few simple troubleshooting tips if you cannot find your verification email.

1) Wait a short while for the email!

Our verification emails are automatically triggered, but for a number of reasons it's always possible that the email is slow to arrive. Wait for five minutes or so and refresh your inbox.

2) Search for the email in your inbox.

Modern email clients - especially web-based ones - often auto-filter emails. Make sure you search your email for keywords like 'GreatSchools' and 'verify'. This might turn up the email in an unexpected place (like the spam folder!).

3) Are you checking the right inbox?

It's possible you're expecting an email in one inbox, when it's heading to another. To check which email address you used when signing up with GreatSchools, follow these steps (assuming you're logged in):

a) Click the 'My Account' link at the top right of any page

b) Select 'Account Settings'

At the top of the Account Settings page you should see the email address you used to sign up with GreatSchools - outlined here in red.

 Check your (correct!) inbox! If your GreatSchools email is incorrect - perhaps because of a typo when you signed up - you will need to create a new account and re-verify your email.

5) Are there filters on your work email?

Many corporate controlled email servers have filters set at the server level, ensuring spam email does not reach your inbox.

If your employer has such filters in place, you may need to talk to whoever manages your email servers about whether the verification emails have been caught by filters.

6) Check your own inbox filters.

It's possible you may have filters set up in your inbox for specific keywords or similar. Check to ensure you have nothing set up that might prevent GreatSchools' emails from arriving.

7) Add our email address to your contacts list.

To ensure GreatSchools emails will reach your inbox, add to your contacts list. This should ensure any emails do not go to spam, or are affected by filters.

Finished troubleshooting?

Hopefully by now, you've found your verification email. If you still have not, as long as you know which email address it was supposed to be sent to, you can have it re-sent.

Resending your verification email

1) If you are signed into GreatSchools, sign out.

Note: You will not be able to login with that email address until you have verified your email.

2) Return to the login page.

3) Enter your email address.

Before you type your password, we check to see if the email address is verified. If it isn't, you'll see this prompt.

4) Click the link to re-send your verification email.

Make sure you follow all the troubleshooting steps if you still can't find it!