How do I submit a review of a school?

We want to hear your honest opinion on a school you've had experiences with, whatever that opinion might be. 

School reviews are a way for parents, teachers, students, and caregivers who have had recent, direct experience with a school to share its strengths and weaknesses. Sharing your honest opinions will help families find the best school for their child.

Here's how to submit a review on GreatSchools:

1) Login to a GreatSchools account, or create one.

To submit a review to GreatSchools, you need to create a GreatSchools account. This is free and just requires an email address. If you need to create a GreatSchools account, do so here.

If you already have a GreatSchools account, login here. (You will also be redirected to this page if you submit a review without logging in or creating an account.

1a) Verify your email address.

We require you to verify your email address before your review can be published. (This is to ensure reviews are submitted by real people, and not automated robots.) As soon as your GreatSchools account is created, we send you a verification email with a link inside - just click it, and your email will be verified. (If you cannot find your verification email, read this article on how to find it or get it re-sent to you.)

Please note: you can submit a review without your email address being verified. However, it cannot be published until you have verified your email address.

2) Find the school you wish to review.

Start here. You can search for the school you wish to review by name or location. As you type, we'll make suggestions for the school you're looking for. Be aware that many schools have similar names, so make sure you pick the right school.

3) Begin writing your overall review.

If you've searched for your school from this page, when you select your school you'll be automatically redirected to the overall review category. Select your score for the review, and type in your comments in the text box.

 Once you have completed your review, click the 'Submit' button.

You will be prompted to select your relationship with this school.

After you have selected your relationship, click 'Submit'. This will submit your overall review automatically.

4) Optional: add more comments under review topics.

After you have submitted your overall review, you will be guided to the first review topic. Review topics are focused questions on different aspects of a school, including topics like honesty, compassion, respect, persistence, homework and teachers.

Each of our review topics asks you to grade that particular aspect of a school based on a question. Please review each question carefully and think about how it applies to your experience with the school, or your child's experience.

Here's an example of the grading for the honesty review topic:

For each review topic, you are able to leave optional comments about that topic. Please try to confine your comments to that particular topic; if you have nothing extra to say about honesty at this school, for example, you do not need to fill in the comments section.

After you click 'Submit' you will be guided to the next review topic. Once you have graded each review topic, you will return to the Overall review. You can make any edits you wish.

5) Finished your review?

Whenever you're finished, feel free to navigate elsewhere on GreatSchools - your changes will automatically be saved as long as you have clicked 'Submit' under each review.

Why does my submitted review saying 'pending activation'?

'Pending activation' means your review has been submitted, but is not yet 'live' (in other words, viewable) on GreatSchools. This occurs for a variety of reasons.

Your review may be reviewed by our moderation team, and as long as the content is in line with our review guidelines, it will appear within a few days.

For more information about our moderation policies please read our School Review Guidelines and FAQ.

Need to edit an existing review?

Read this article for help on editing an existing review.